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Pimms and lemonade ice lollies

I think the title of this post says everything you need to know! Summer will soon be here and these Pimms and...

How to make Easter Bunny Butt Cookies

Everything about a little bunny is just adorable. I just love their ears (especially when they are floppy!), their cute twitchy...
cashew milk, home-made cashew milk, vegan, gluten free, recipe, benefits, uses, how to make cashew milk, smoothie, ice cream

Home-made cashew milk – Gluten free & vegan!

Not everyone can or wants to drink cow milk. You may be dairy intolerant, or vegan? Or maybe you just...
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Make your own fresh Basil pesto – easy and quick!

I absolutely love pesto, especially if it's to throw together an easy summer pesto pasta. It's so full of flavour!
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Super cute deviled egg chicks for an Easter treat

Easter breakfast with the family is tradition in our house. I just love experimenting and finding different things to do for the...
frugal living, leftovers, use leftovers, soup, croutons, make soup,

Frugal living – Make use of leftovers in soup

I don't know about you, but as soups go, I particularly love the "rustic-style" ones. No fuss meals where adding certain ingredients...
Easy starter, peri peri prawns, prawns, King prawns, starter, great starter, Piri Piri,, Peri Peri, curry, recipes, healthy, starter, garlic, pasta, salad

For an easy starter try these Peri Peri Prawns

Entertaining and cooking is great fun, but it can also get very stressful. No wonder Gordon Ramsay swears! ;) But...
Quick Banoffee pie, quick dessert, quick banoffee recipe, banoffee pie,

Quick banoffee pies with a personal touch

Banoffee pies are always a great way to finish off your evening meal when you are entertaining. I love making these little...
apple pie, Dutch Apple Pie, Apple pie with cream, apple pie for dessert, perfect dessert,

You can’t beat original Dutch Apple Pie with Cream

OK, so I know I'm biased, but there is nothing like a slice of original Dutch Apple Pie. It's not like any...
Perfect cupcake, making the perfect cupcake, Primrose Bakery cupcake, cupcake recipe,

Make the perfect cupcake

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links which means that I earn a very small commission, at no extra...