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Pringles, Pringles tube, cotton pad holder, make up, upcycle Pringles,

Make a cotton pad dispenser from a Pringles tube.

It always seems such a waste throwing a Pringles tube when you've munched your way through the crisps. Especially as they so...
gift wrap shop bought flowers. bouquet, flowers,

How to gift wrap shop bought flowers

I just love flowers! I adore their bright colours in our home, whatever the season. Mind you, giving flowers as a present...
different way to give money, giving money, give money, unique way to give money, give money for present, money for present, geld, geld geven,

Think giving money is boring? Think again!

We all love receiving money for a birthday or other occasions, right? I know I do ;) However, to give money to...
great Mother's Day presents, Mother's Day presents, presents for Mother's Day, Mother's Day, ideas for Mother's Day, Mothering Sunday, what to give for Mother's Day,

30 Great Mother’s Day presents she will love!

Mum would love something different for Mother's Day (31st March 2019 in the UK) this year! Give her a change from...
create your own chocolate bouquet, candy bouquet, giving chocolates, different way of giving chocolate, Valentine's idea, Mother's Day idea, gift idea, chocolate giving, chocolate giving ideas,

Create your own chocolate bouquet

Are you looking for a different way to give a standard "box of chocolates" as a present? Then creating this chocolate bouquet...