Buying a teacher’s gift at the end of the school year can be a real head scratcher. After all they get a lot of stuff at the end of the year. And I mean .. a LOT .. (including not such good stuff! – check out this post. I think the dead sparrow in a shoebox is the overall shocker!) Aaanyway, I came across this plant pot gift on Pinterest and decided it was too darn cute not to share. With a bit of chalkboard paint and a little bit of patience it’s pretty quick and easy to put together. Which is always good for a last minute panic if you’re anything like me! Add a little plant and you’ve got yourself a great gift that can be enjoyed for a long time to come.

Here’s what you need to make your very own teacher’s gift:

What do I need?

And here’s how to create your masterpiece

I started with priming the plant pot. It’s not strictly necessary but it does help to make the paint last longer. Looking back I probably should have used 2 coats as the brush strokes come through when I did the yellow, but I’m just going with the fact that it makes it look “handmade and authentic”.

It’s kinda self explanatory, but here’s the pot all painted with chalkboard paint and yellow border, ready for the ruler design. Both the black and the yellow had 2 coats. See what I mean about the brush strokes? – it adds character .. that’s my excuse anyway!

Wrap a measuring tape around the top border of the pot and secure with low tack tape. With a pencil mark out the appropriate markings. I only did the whole and half marks, and “guesstimated” the smallest lines in between. Use a Sharpie pen or “Paint in a Pen” marker to draw the lines and numbers onto the yellow border for the ruler design.

Adding the wording

Print out the message you want to paint on the pot. I used Canva to type this message (font “Gochi Hand”) and cut to size, to ensure it fits on the pot.

Flip the paper over and with some chalk, cover the area with the text. You’re going to trace the letters and the chalk with transfer onto the pot so make sure all the lettering is covered.

plant pot teacher's gift

With low tack tape, attach the paper to the pot with the chalked side down.

With a pen or sharp pencil, trace the lettering, transferring the chalk onto the pot. Carefully remove the paper when you’ve traced all the letters. The letters will have transferred onto the pot. As it’s only chalk, be careful not to wipe them.

With a white emulsion paint pen, outline the letters and fill them in with white paint.

plant pot teacher's gift

Ta-dah! Your teacher’s gift masterpiece is all ready to add a little plant. If you want, you can personalise the pot by adding the teacher’s name to the other side. Or add the wording ‘from’ with your child’s name to the back of the pot.

plant pot teacher's gift


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