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Re-using old bottles are such a cool and easy way to creating a quirky soap dispenser for your home. So with Father’s Day coming up why not give this project a go? Or, you like the look of it, but don’t have a spare bottle? Don’t worry, “SoapdiJour” on Etsy‌ have got your covered! They’ve got some brilliant re-used bottle ideas from a variety of different drinks to find the one that dad loves best!

Get creative

Are you feeling creative? If you’ve got your own bottle already, they’re pretty straight forward to make yourself. Remember my post about making Jack Daniel’s fudge? (Check it out if you haven’t already. I promise you, it’s every bit as delicious as it sounds!) Anyway, once you’ve made your fudge and worked your way through the contents of the Jack Daniel’s bottle, making this soap dispenser is a great project to re-use their iconic square bottle.

By the way, did you know that Jack Daniels was originally sold in round bottles, but changed to square to prevent them from rolling around all over the place? By the time their brand had become established, the bottle shape had become so famous that they decided to keep it.

Aaaanyway, to create this eye catching soap dispenser, this is what you need:

What you need to create your hand wash dispenser

  • An old Jack Daniel’s bottle (or other bottle that takes your fancy!)
  • The top of an (old) soap dispenser – I used this one from The Range
  • Alternatively, get the pump dispenser all ready to go and be used here
  • Extra bit of tubing – I used silicone tubing similar to this one . However, make sure to check the size of the tube that is on the dispenser head to make sure it fits in the existing tube. (you won’t need this if you buy the pump dispenser already fitted with the long tubing).
  • Brown coloured hand wash to match the whiskey colour, such as this black pepper, nutmeg and ginger soap, which smells amazing! This is optional as of course you can go “off piste” and fill the dispenser with any type of soap that takes your fancy!

How to make your Jack Daniel’s soap dispenser

I found a soap dispenser that fits the top of the Jack Daniel’s bottle. Now, you can take the JD bottle to the shops and get some weird looks (been there!). Alternatively, take the top of the JD bottle to the shops and try to fit this onto the available soap dispensers. No funny looks, but no-where near as much fun 😉

I found this soap dispenser in The Range, one of my absolute favourite shops. It was only £4.99 and it was ideal as the beach hut dispenser matches the colour theme in our kitchen. Win/win for me – a Jack D bottle for the bathroom AND a new soap dispenser in the kitchen. All for £4.99 (+ a few other materials) – not bad for a morning’s shopping trip.

Alternative option for pump

And if you don’t want to buy a separate dispenser, you can just buy the dispenser pump direct. It’s all ready to go with the correct length tubing. Check out this pump here. It’s just a case of screwing on the pump, filling up and you’re all set!

Step by step

make a soap dispenser from a Jack Daniel's bottle

Unscrew the top of the soap dispenser and fit onto the JD bottle.

As you can see, the tube is not long enough to reach the bottom. As such, you will have to adjust the length of the “feeding tube”. It allows the soap to be taken from the entire bottle, not just from the top.

make a soap dispenser from a Jack Daniel's bottle

I used some silicone tubing similar to this one to fit over the bottom of the tube (see above). However, make sure you get the right diameter tubing to fit the dispenser tubing to ensure a tight fit.

make a soap dispenser from a Jack Daniel's bottle

Cut the tubing to fit the bottle. Leave a little bit of space between the bottom of the bottle and the tube. It just prevents the tube from “getting sucked” onto the bottom of the glass. It needs a small amount of space for the hand wash to flow freely.

Fill the bottle with your favourite hand wash. I used a brown coloured hand wash to mimic the Jack Daniel’s whiskey. However, obviously if you like pink, blue or any other colour – you go for it!

make a soap dispenser from a Jack Daniel's bottle

Place the top onto the bottle and there you have it – your very own unique Jack Daniel’s hand wash dispenser.

And here’s my brand new kitchen soap dispenser with the top from the plastic Carex dispenser 🙂

For further inspiration on using different types of drinks bottles, check out these great examples on Etsy.

make a soap dispenser from a Jack Daniel's bottle

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