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Summer is on its’ way and with any luck (please let it be a good summer!) this will mean plenty of outdoor eating and entertaining! Having a fresh fruit salad on stand by is always a great choice for dessert after a heavy meal. And this gorgeous watermelon fruit bowl creates the perfect centerpiece (and talking point!) for your desserts table. It’s lovely, colourful‌ and summery. Not to forget tasty and of course it just adds a bit of fun for your guests. Here’s how you make it.

How to make a watermelon fruit bowl

It won’t come as a great surprise that for this project you will need a watermelon (I know … shocker, right?!) Unfortunately the only watermelons that our supermarket had available were quite small ones. I would have loved to create a bigger bowl with a bigger watermelon but hey .. whatcha gonna do…?

Of course for a small number of guests this one works just fine. Or you can get more than one and get creative with different types of carvings! I know, I’m getting carried away here.

Back to the project at hand 🙂 With a pen draw out the design that you want to cut into the top of the watermelon. Alternatively, you can slice off the top of the watermelon first, and then carve out the smaller pieces after that.

With a sharp knife, cut out the design along the lines. As you can see, I adjusted the design slightly by making the cut slightly lower. I felt it needed to sit slightly lower to show off the fruit inside the bowl better. By the way, cutting the watermelon was soooo much easier than cutting a pumpkin. And I’m pleased to say that it smells a heck of a lot better too 😉

To make it easier to “lift the lid”, I sliced across the curved bits and pulled those out first. (see two pictures above) . Doing this just leaves the very top sitting pretty much loose and much easier to lift out.

Like this – Tah dah!

How to make a watermelon fruit bowl

Once you’ve lifted the top off the melon, take a melon baller and scoop out as many of the little melon ball suckers as you can. Put into a bowl and set to one side.
If you’ve not used a melon baller before – here’s how to do it.

Filling up your watermelon fruit bowl

Once you’ve run out of melon to make balls, cut or scrape the remaining flesh away from the melon, leaving you with the hard shell. You will also have to drain some of the juice away. You won’t need this, so tuck in and drink this while you’re working hard on creating your masterpiece! (I completely forgot to take a photo of this stage .. whooops, sorry!! Effectively you are left with the outside shell of the melon as the bowl).

Once you’ve completed this stage, all that is left now is to fill your bowl back up with fresh fruit of your choice. And create your banana dolphins. To fill up the bowl I used, grapes (both green and red grapes), strawberries and the watermelon balls this time. However, any type of fruit will work perfectly!

To create your dolphins, cut the stem top of the banana slightly with a sharp knife, creating a “slit”. Just enough for the 2 cuts to hold a grape together. I used the watermelon seeds as the eyes but pressing them onto half a cocktail stick before sticking them down into the banana. If you want to make things easier, grab a “sharpie” and draw the eyes on instead. Place the “dolphin” bananas on either side of the fruit bowl before filling this up with the fruit of your choice.

The finished article

Place on a deep dish or plate which you cover with fruit to finish off your masterpiece display! How gorgeous will this look on your table at your next party?

P.S. – check out here what you can do with the watermelon bits that are left over once you’ve finished hollowing out the watermelon.

How to make a watermelon fruit bowl

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