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I love plants .. despite being somewhat of a self confessed plant killer! (If you feel my pain, check out this post for 10 easy maintenance houseplants). And with every plant, of course, comes choosing a gorgeous planter that best suits your home and personality.

There’s such a great variety of planters available now. Gone are the days of the boring “one size fits all” white planters .. phew!! I particularly love the “punny planters” to add a bit of fun to your leafy friend! These planters make great gifts as they’re easy and relatively cheap to make yourself. Especially if you’re making a few at the same time.

For this post I made 2 planters for my Aloe Vera cuttings which have been patiently waiting to be potted. Although let’s be honest, with my track record, a “Dill death do us part” planter would probably have been more appropriate ..

Here’s what you need to make your own planter

  • A terracotta plant pot with saucer. I got mine from B&Q here or check your local garden center for good deals!
  • All purpose primer (this is optional but I chose to “prime” my pot and saucer)
  • Emulsion paint – use a left over paint from a previous decorating project. Or check out your local DIY center for a tester pot of your choice.
  • Brushes
  • Glue gun
  • Rope – I used 2 different types to try different effects. 8 mm organic rope here or organic twine, like this one here.
  • Baker’s twine to add a bit of colour – I got mine for brilliant value in The Range here
  • A stamp lettering set, similar to this one here (or use a Sharpie pen for “free-hand” writing)
  • Black ink pad
  • Polyurethane finish spray – I used gloss on this occasion

Here’s how to make your planter

I started with priming my terracotta pot and saucer. I have seen pots being painted without priming them first, but I figure having that extra bit of protection won’t harm. Check the instructions on the primer for drying times. Set aside and leave to completely dry accordingly.

Once the planter and saucer are completely dried, get an emulsion paint of your choice. We had some left over paint that we had used for decorating our lounge, so I know for certain it will match our interior. Your local DIY store no doubt will do cheap tester pots that will work brilliantly for this project. My pots and saucers needed 2 coats for full coverage. If you are not using a primer, you may need more coats.

To add the rope to the pot, start by squeezing a small line of glue at the bottom of the rim. The glue dries pretty fast so I like to work in small sections. Add a line of a maximum of 2 inches at a time so you can press the rope into the glue while it is still hot and pliable. Press the rope down and work your way upwards around the rim.

I added a small section of baker’s twine to the rim for a bit of colour, but it looks great without so this is completely up to you.

They are taking shape! As you can see, I did one with wider rope and one with narrow twine – just to see which effect works better. I personally like the right one best. This one was also much quicker to do because of the wider rope. Definitely an added bonus for future projects!

Adding letters to the planter

Think of a quote to add to your planter. I made two planters for my Aloe Vera plants. One has the quote “Aloe! Is it me you’re looking for?” and the other has “Aloe from the other side”. While I was adding the letters it crossed my mind to add “Aloe from this side” to both sides of the pot has writing on it.

With your stamp set and ink pad, carefully add the lettering to your plant pot. Wait! – before you dive in … write down the quote you want on paper and plan how you want it to appear on the pot. It just helps you to plan to space things out accordingly and avoid getting too many words on one line. If you want, do a “dry” practice run on paper. Even if it’s just one word to get a feeling of how the stamps feel and how the letters sit. Once you are happy with your plan, go for it!

As I was writing the quote I thought of another thing to add to the “other side” of the pot. Pardon the pun!

The lettering on the pots may not be completely perfect, but I think it adds to the handmade element. Besides, I kinda like the “quirky” imperfect effect (that’s my excuse anyway 🙂

Finishing touches

All that’s left now is to cover in varnish to give your work a protective layer. I chose to use a hard wearing spray polyurethane gloss finish. Make sure you use outside or in a well ventilated area and closely follow the instructions. Leave to dry completely before adding your plant.

Tip – When using the spray I noticed that the outline of the letters go slightly “fuzzy’ when adding the varnish. The spray worked perfect without bleeding but if you are using a brush to add varnish I would recommend a black acrylic or black emulsion paint to work with rather than a stencil pad.

Looking for planter inspiration?

Is Aloe Vera not your thing or you’ve got another type of green friend to pot? Don’t worry, there are loads of other quotes! Check out Etsy‌ here for some great ideas for other punny planters!

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links which means that I get paid a small amount of commission if you choose to use my links. Doing so will allow me to continue to share some great ideas with you! I only ever recommend products, services or companies that I absolutely love and were I think you will love them as much as I do!


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