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Living near the sea-side of course it’s inevitable that we’ve got quite a few nautical accessories in our home. What am I saying? – our downstairs toilet looks more like a beach hut than a real beach hut! 🙂 – seriously, I’m not kidding … And since we love using candles in our home, creating this easy and cheap nautical candle holder was a no-brainer! You literally can make one in minutes. Here’s how you tackle this project.

What do I need for a nautical candle holder?

  • Rope, such as this jute rope. I used 8 mm twisted rope
  • Old glass jar (or a new one, like this one)
  • Glue gun
  • Sand (beach or bird sand which you may find cheaper (check your local pet store!)
  • Shells (optional) to decorate

How to create your nautical candle holder

Start by adding a line of glue at the bottom of the jar with your glue gun.

Press the rope onto the glue until set. Work while the glue is still warm and soft.

Add more glue to the jar and continue to press the rope onto the glue in small sections. Continue this process until you are happy with the results.

I continued until I had 5 layers of rope added

And for this particular one I added a layer of rope at the top to hide the rim of the jar.

With the glue gun add glue to the very edge of the shell all the way round

Add press the shell onto the rope. Hold until set.

Repeat to add as many shells as you want.

How easy was that? Create several candles holders to create a nautical summer theme in your home. All that’s left is to fill with sand and add the candle.

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