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Spring is by far my favourite season. I just love the lush green everywhere and the promise of better weather ahead (yes, even in the UK!) Having a spring wreath in your home is a great way to invite spring into your home and bringing the outdoors in. With the days getting longer and summer on its’ way, there’s no better time to tackle this very easy DIY project. You really do not need any craft skills for this. As long as you can wrap yarn around a ring and press a few pins into place, you’re all good to go!

I first saw this spring wreath on Pinterest (big thank you to A Helicopter Mom for sharing this project) and just loved the look of it. Of course there are loads of spring wreaths in the shops this time of year, but let’s be honest – some can work out pretty expensive. Here’s what you’ll need to create your own with some basic materials.

What materials you need to create your own spring wreath

How to create your own spring wreath

It really couldn’t be easier. The first bit is a bit time consuming but definitely not difficult. You can do it with your feet up while catching up with your favourite television series.

Create your own Spring Wreath

Start by wrapping the yarn around the polystyrene ring until it’s completely covered. Every so often push the yarn closer together to fill in any gaps. When you’ve completely covered the ring, turn it around to check for any empty patches and continue to wrap the yarn around to fill in any remaining gaps.

You will probably only use about a pack and a half but the more you add, the fluffier your “grass” will be.

Create your own Spring Wreath

Once covered, take your daisy trim and carefully cut the daisies into individual ones. Make sure not to damage the thread of the daisies.

Create your own Spring Wreath

Get a pin and stick them through the middle of the daisy, securing them into the ring. Repeat this until you’re happy with the effect. I used 31 flowers for this 30 cm wreath, allowing some space for where the ribbon will be placed.

Create your own Spring Wreath

With a tooth pick or a needle, carefully lift some of the “lashes” that have been squashed by the yarn. By lifting them to the top it will make your grass nice and fluffy. Continue all the way round the ring until you’re happy with the effect.

Create your own Spring Wreath

Cut off a piece of ribbon of your choice to hang up your spring wreath

Create your own Spring Wreath

Finishing touches

Your wreath looks great as it is, but you can add some optional accessories to finish it off completely. I found a sticker with the word “spring” which was just perfect for what I needed. Glued on a toothpick with a glue gun, and carefully pressed into the “grass”.

Of course, you can add as many or little accessories as you like. Perhaps some chicks or little bunnies that are playfully hiding in the grass? Have fun and create your own style!

Create your own Spring Wreath

Have fun!

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