Whether’s it’s Christmas or summer, we always have loads of candles around in our home. They are just such a great way to create an atmosphere in your home (or garden during the summer months). As much as I appreciate the LED ones for safety reasons, there’s nothing like a good old fashioned real candle (in my opinion anyway 🙂 ). Goes without saying to be careful when using real candles.

I particularly love the scented candles that fill your home with a different fragrance, depending on what mood you are in. But how annoying is the amount of wax that can be left in the jar after the wick has burned itself out? Particularly when it’s an expensive candle. After spending all that money it just seems such a waste to throw it.

Rather than throwing it away, use the wasted wax by making your own wax melts to use in a burner like the one here (or see below). Saving you money in buying melts as well as using every last little drop of your expensive gorgeous candles.

Here’s what you need to change your candles into melts

  • An old fragrance candle (such as a Yankee candle, or equivalent).
  • A silicone mould for either ice cubes or chocolates
  • A large saucepan

Here’s what you do

I put a pan of hot water onto the hob and had it on a setting that kept the water very hot, but just below boiling, (I wasn’t sure if the glass of the jar would stand up to boiling water!). Place the jar or whatever your candle is in into hot pan of water, making sure the water doesn’t tip over the edge of the jar. Mind your fingers – this stuff gets hot!

As I wasn’t sure whether the glass jar was strong enough to cope with the water actually boiling, it probably took a bit longer to actually melt all the wax. However, I didn’t want to risk the jar cracking and wasting all the wax 🙂 . There wouldn’t have been much of a post to write! Although it would have made for some interesting “behind the scenes photos”. 🙂

Very gradually the wax will start to melt and turn into liquid. Give it a stir every once in a while until all the wax has melted.

Get a ice cube or chocolate mould similar to this one. I bought this one at The Range here, but Amazon do similar ones like these ones here

Carefully pour the melted wax into the moulds. I transferred the wax into a measuring jug for easy pouring. Fill the moulds and leave to set.

When completely set, pop the melts out of the moulds. Store in the old candle jar, until you’re ready to use them in an oil burner of your choice. Or use this butter warmer for a cheaper quirky alternative!

If you’re looking for an electrical option, check out this electric candle warmer which is suitable for the Yankee melts.

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