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I think the title of this post says everything you need to know! Summer will soon be here and these Pimms and lemonade ice lollies are a great naughty (but oh so nice!) alternative to ordinary ice lollies.

They are not suitable for children, but very suitable for adults. Great to have as a treat on a hot summer’s day, or as a dessert option when having friends and family round for a summer barbeque.

They are so simple to make and taste absolutely delish! Here’s how you do it:

Ingredients for these naughty Pimms and lemonade ice lollies

How to make lollies

  1. Mix the Pimms and lemonade together in a large jug. If you really want to stick to the Pimms theme, check out this gorgeous Pimms jug for serving friends and family on a perfect summer’s evening.
  2. Put a few of the strawberry halves, a few mint leaves and a little orange zest into each lolly mould. If you want, you can add a few thin slices of cucumber. In our household not everyone is a fan of cucumber in their drink, so I left this out. Besides, it leaves more room for the Pimms 😉
  3. Pour the Pimm mixture into each ice lolly mould until three-quarters full. Carefully insert the lolly stick. I found putting the stick into one of the strawberries gave it some “grip”. Freeze for a minimum of 4 hours. I left mine overnight to give them a chance to freeze solid.
  4. To remove the lollies, pour some hot water onto the moulds which helped to release the lollies without any problems.

All that’s left now is to relax in the sun and enjoy your treat.

All done – enjoy your treat!

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