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Do you love the Spring tray ideas that are around on Pinterest as much as I do? They are such a great way of adjusting the look of your room depending on what colour you chose for your accessories.

I’ve put together 40 spring tray ideas, organised in 8 different colours so you are bound to find something that suits your style and home!

If you are still looking for further inspiration, check out my previous post here where I share a further 5 spring tray ideas, including details of where to buy similar items to put together the whole look!

Mellow Yellow Spring time

This tray can so easily be adjusted for any season by just changing the straws and the fruit. I love the Lemonade tea-towels! Check out these “when life hands you Lemons” tea-towels here on Etsy.

Just adding a few yellow accessories to your tray design will give you that Spring feeling. I like the simplicity of this one as you don’t need a lot of space to be able to make an impact.

I like the bright inside of the mugs and the lemonade sign on top of the display as a finishing touch

Such a lovely idea to paint and stencil an old crate to give it a second life for an easy but effective display on your table.

Just adding a few yellow accents such as lemons and tea-towels gives a “pop” of colour in your home.

Pretty in Pink designs

How cute is this little bunny bowl and the Hippity Hop crockery?! A full range of products by designed Rae Dunn is available on Amazon, including the gorgeous Hippity mug in the picture here

These pink Faux tulips will look great on your display. Combining real plants and flowers with some artificial ones is a great way to fill up your display

As Spring tray ideas go, this one is gorgeous! So pretty and delicate. I love the pastel colours to contrast against the wood. You can’t miss out on this absolutely beautiful pink teacup as part of this display

Using candles in a variety of colours is a great way of keeping your display updated for all seasons.

So pretty and feminine! The silver tray is just beautiful for a classy traditional look.

Green and Lush Spring time

I love the lush green. How cute are those bunnies? For similar green flocked bunnies on Amazon click here.

I love this natural display with plants and fresh flowers. It would also be a great way to display some herbs in your kitchen.

A very natural display that will suit any room in the house. The rope planters can be made by covering some small jam jars with some rope. This delicate little milk jug will make a great addition to this display.

A simple tray can be absolutely stunning on any table in the house. Decorated with some moss and grass. Add some bunnies and twigs and you’re good to go.

It’s not necessary to buy expensive items when you are looking at Spring tray ideas. This simple display of fresh flowers with apples looks absolutely stunning and definitely good enough to eat 🙂

Blue sky spring designs

I definitely have tray envy when looking at these tiered displays. I’ve got loads of blue bottles around the house and would be itching to display them in this way. Check out these vintage bottles from Etsy for a similar look.

My absolutely favourite colour in the world – turquoise. It’s such a happy colour and always reminds me of our holidays. These turquoise mason jars from Etsy are the perfect find for this tray

Another gorgeous turquoise display to bring some “beach feel” into the home. Slightly off topic and completely unrelated to the Spring tray ideas but my eye was drawn to the turquoise in the background 😉 Check out this bread bin similar to the one in the photo.

A simple blue table cloth like this one and you are half way there! Finish off with some simple elegant crockery and fresh flowers.

A different take on the display by placing it on the tray, rather than in the tray by flipping it around. This stunning Delft blue vase is the perfect piece to showcase.

White, pure and simple designs

Simple, white and sooo elegant. Check out these wooden beads to create the finishing touch for your displays.

Trays are such a great way of displaying your items without making your worktops look cluttered!

A quirky Easter / Spring display with Rae Dunn inspired eggs. Find similar ones here. Alternatively get these 12 hollow eggs and paint your own. Finish off with these Rae Dunn inspired egg stickers for the same effect!

Beautiful combination of white and steel. I love the birdhouses. Check these out for a much cheaper option, which can be painted in a colour of your choice to add a quirky addition to any tray.

This tray looks so delicate and fresh, especially with the white hydrangea flowers on the display.

Gorgeous Red designs for Spring

A very simple design with a pop of red. The green flocked topiary ball in the lantern is similar to this one here.

A bold display to make a statement on the table. A wood effect bunny is available here for a natural look that you can easily combine with any colour.

I love the statement of the gingham pitcher. It’s similar to this one, although I love this one with the strawberries probably even more!

Spring tray displays with red were surprisingly hard to find, so I have included this one that was originally posted for a Valentine display. It’s definitely easily updated for a fantastic spring display.

Fortunately we’re all getting environmentally conscious and cutting down on plastic. Do your bit by getting these paper straws instead of the traditional plastic ones.

Bright and juicy orange

The tiered display stands are just stunning. Unfortunately I have yet to find one in the UK, but fortunately we can get them sent over from the US. I love this one here – just imagine the possibilities of what you can create with this one? I would be forever updating it!

A lovely bright combination of the orange and the turquoise. A similar gum ball machine is available here.

I love the contrast of the black in the room with the bright colours of the tulips and the white of the crockery.

OK, so maybe technically this was not a spring display, but how beautiful are these colours?

I know, I know – this is not technically a tray display, but it was too good not to share with you lovely people! I love the idea of the foliage of the carrots combined with the flowers. It makes it look like an enormous bouquet. This large cylinder vase has a 30 cm diameter. Alternatively, this one is available with a 20 cm diameter.

Purple Spring

A gorgeous fresh display with a fig sprigs of lavender. These silk ones will allow your display to look amazing all year round!


Wow! How’s this for a statement? I have not been able to find one quite this bold for sale in the UK. However, check out this gorgeous lilac one. Not quite as bold, but a beautiful colour to match with purple accessories for your home.

Spring Tray ideas with purple detail

A gorgeous delicate display combining lilac and purples. If you are using fresh flowers, use floral foam to make your display last longer.

Not a complete tray display (it’s surprising how few purple ones there are!), but a great idea to add a bit of purple to your display. I love the lavender around the glass. Such a simple idea, but I bet the smell is amazing!

This design is so versatile. Forget Spring tray ideas – just change the colour of the accessories and you’re good to go for the whole year!

Don’t forget to check out my other post with 5 spring tray ideas with information on where you can buy similar items to put it all together.

Do you have any displays around the house? Please tag me on social media and share your Spring tray ideas for inspiration. Happy Spring everyone!

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