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We all love receiving money for a birthday or other occasions, right? I know I do 😉 However, to give money to someone as a present can feel a bit, well .. “mehh” .. It’s not like the same excited feeling you get when you see someone unwrap your present with anticipation of what their present will be.

If you don’t want to give money in a card that is going to end up in the bin within a nano-second of being opened (and let’s face it, what teenager actually looks at the card??!!), then you’re in the right place! The enjoyment of giving this present will last for longer than just the opening of the envelope. And you never know, they may even share their sweets (if you’re lucky!)

A glass jar of mason jar money gift

For your money gift project you will need:

  1. A jar or mason jar
  2. A cardboard toilet roll
  3. Sweets of your choice
  4. Some tissue paper or other type of paper to put over the lid
  5. Scissors
  6. Your money of course 🙂

Adjust the top off the toilet roll and cut to size if needed, to ensure it’s level with the top of the jar. If you really want to go all out, you can cover the toilet roll with pretty paper to make it look pretty, although you shouldn’t see the roll once you’ve filled up the jar.

Pop the toilet roll into the middle of the jar and hold it in place. Fill up the sides of the jar with sweets of your choice, surrounding the roll.

Add the sweets down the side of the jar to hide the roll from sight

Put the money in the toilet roll, which will now be hidden from sight.

If the top of the jar is see-through like this one, add a small circle of paper to the top. Alternatively cut a circle of tissue paper and place under the lid before closing the jar.

And there you have it – your money gift is all good to go! It’s a quick and easy way to make giving money a bit more interesting.

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