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I just love the feeling of having spring around the corner. Not as much as I love actual spring actually being here, but still .. it’s the promise of better weather and sunshine to come!

Adding a few spring touches to your home is a great way of inviting some of that sunshine and happiness into your house. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth either! Check out how to make this happy little Easter Bunny in the picture for hardly any money.

Here’s what you’ll need for your Easter Bunny

  • Polystyrene Easter Bunny. I got mine from The Range who do looooads of (Easter) craft stuff but for some reason I can’t see this one on line. It’s definitely worth popping into your local craft shop to check out which ones they have available for Easter. Either a bunny, or a chick would look great. Alternatively Amazon do this one here.
  • Decopatch glue or Modge podge
  • Paper of your choice – I used an old book that we were going to recycle (don’t judge me – I’ve given it a second life 🙂 , but of course you can use colourful paper like these gorgeous designs here
  • A flat paint brush – like the largest in this set or foam brush
  • Something colourful to finish off your masterpiece. I chose a bright orange carrot, but you can jazz it up with a little ribbon, or whatever you like
  • Your fingers 🙂
Easter Bunny decoration, Bunny decoration, Easter Bunny, Easter, polystyrene bunny,
One “naked” Easter bunny, and one that is fully decent and dressed 🙂

What’s next?

Start by putting some of the decopatch glue in an old bowl or container. Add a little to start with, you can always add more.

Next, generously load your brush with the glue (don’t be shy – you need quite a bit for the paper to stick!) and brush the glue onto the bunny.

Cut some paper (I used an old book that was going to be recycled) into small strips.

Take a strip of paper and place it into the glued area. Smooth over any curves to mould into the desired shape. Don’t worry about having some of the polystyrene bits still showing – you will cover these up with smaller bits of paper as you go.

Add another layer of the blue on top of the paper. Again, be generous with the glue – the wetter the paper gets, the more it will stick.

Smooth over any wrinkles. I prefer to get in there and do it with my hands rather than the brush. It just allows you to smooth it over and feel the curves, but it will get messy 🙂

Continue the process until you have fully covered the Easter bunny. Any small gaps are covered by smaller bits of paper until the whole area has been filled.

Add a little finishing touch to add a bit of colour. I added little carrot with a toothpick, similar to this one, but make sure to check your local craft store. Or add a little bow. Here’s a tutorial on how to make a simple bow to finish off your Easter masterpiece 🙂

And there he is 🙂 – Isn’t he cute? I’m working on having a few scattered around the house with different designs depending on the colour of the room.

Have fun! – I’d love to see your creations so don’t forget to share and tag me on Social media.

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