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Are lost socks driving you crazy? I don’t know what happens to them between putting them in the machine and taking them out! However, I’m pretty convinced that our washing machine is some sort of black hole leading to another universe.

Before I found out about some of the methods below we were always left with single socks that were impossible to match. However, there are a couple of easy foolproof ways that will prevent you from the misery of wasting hours of time looking for sock buddies. Number 4 is by far my favourite and I’m sure you’ll love it too!

1. Buy the same variety for the whole family

Ok, this method may not work for everyone as it really depends on age ranges and feet size. And of course it means that your family won’t be able to wear any colourful variety of socks which can make life a bit dull! (Unless you chose bright yellow or pink socks for the whole family, in which case … good for you!)

Buying the same variety worked for me when both my kids were at infant and junior school. Black socks were part of the school uniform for both my children so while they had roughly the same shoe size this method worked great. When their feet were tiny it was easy to separate their socks from my husband’s black socks. Once their feet started growing? Well, .. not so much! This occasionally resulted in my husband not being able to get his foot into his socks, which got mixed up with the kids’ socks.

So that put an end to this method! However, it worked for a few years so anything is better than nothing, right?

2. Use a mesh laundry bag to collect socks

Image by Amazon UK

These zipped mesh laundry bags are great for keeping everything you put it the bag, errm.. in the bag. With a bit of training for the kids (and husband!), this method is pretty foolproof. Each member of the family has 2 bags. Keep one of the bags in the bedroom, including the kids’ bedroom, to collect dirty socks that need washing. When the bag is full, zip it and add to the washing machine. Put the second empty bag in the bedroom to repeat the process and start filling up the next lot.

Socks will stay with their buddy for the duration of the washing and drying process, ready to be put away.

3. Use a safety pin to pin your socks together

Not personally my favourite, but it works for a lot of people so it deserves a mention.

The title pretty much speaks for itself 😉 Use a safety pin to pin both socks together before you add them to the washing cycle. Some people argue that this method may cause damage as you’re putting a pin through them which creates some wear and tear.

If you’ve got small kids it will require an adult to do the pinning for safety reasons and you may end up having to dig around the washing basket to collect the socks that the kids have thrown in! For that reason I prefer some of the other methods as the kids can actively participate in making your life easier!

4. Use a sock clip or sock lock

Sock clips or sock buddies
Image by Amazon UK

My personal favourite which we use in our house and has made a massive difference to our orphan sock situation! These sock clips are simple and brilliant, or simply brilliant…

You pull the sock through each hole and put in the washing basket .. ta-da!. The socks stay together for the duration of the wash and drying on the line until you’re ready to fold and put them away. I prefer this method to the laundry bag due to the fact that you can clip this little baby onto the washing line with the clip on the top. In my opinion this makes the drying process a lot faster and easier than leaving them in the bag.

Another reason why I love this method is because the whole household can use them. There are no sharp pins involved and even small kids can actively participate to prevent any lost socks from lurking in the house. The rule in our household? If the socks are not on a “sockie”, they don’t get washed!

It’s worked for me, I really hope one of these methods works for you too. Don’t forget to let me know your favourite method, or do you have any other method that you want to share with others?

This post contains affiliate links which means I make a small amount of commission if you chose to use any of my links (for which I would be grateful if you do :)) I only recommend products that I love and have no hesitation in recommending to you.


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