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I don’t know about you, but as soups go, I particularly love the “rustic-style” ones. No fuss meals where adding certain ingredients such as pasta or vegetables really add to the feel and the flavour.

The use of certain leftovers in your fridge can be a great addition to your creation. For that reason, one of my favourite soups is Minestrone Soup – I love the chunky feel with the addition of the pasta.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend chucking everything from the list below into your soup. You don’t want to take away from the flavour. However, next time you’re making a soup, check your fridge and cupboard to see you can use any of your leftovers rather than letting them go to waste.

Left overs put to good use:

Stale bread

Soup tastes great with crunchy croutons. And stale bread is the perfect starting point for making them (stale guys, not mouldy 🙂 ) Check out an easy recipe for croutons here.

Need breadcrumbs? Whizz your stale bread in a food processor or blender, and voila. We use the Vitamix which is absolutely amazing for creating of kinds of great recipes, and chops up any ingredients (hard or soft) in a matter of seconds.

Cooked meat

Cooked chicken, turkey or game all do very well in soups and add a lovely flavour. Or try adding cooked ham, chorizo or salami. However avoid leftovers of red meat.

Egg yolks

Whisking an egg yolk into a hot soup towards the end of cooking time will thicken your soup. It also gives your meal a smoother texture.

Cooked veggies

Diced or shredded vegetables (or whole if we’re talking small veggies like corn or peas) can be added to soup just before serving, making sure they are heated through. Don’t fancy chunks? Pop them into a blender with the other ingredients and puree them instead.

Boiled pasta

One of my favourite leftovers, to add a bit of “bite”. Boiled pasta shapes that have not been added to any sauce yet, can be popped into a soup to make it a more substantial meal. Add them towards the end of cooking time to make sure they are heated through.

Cheesy scraps

Grate your favourite cheese scraps over your soup – grill until the cheese is melted and bubbling – yum!

Wine (I know, leftover wine, are you kidding me?)

Adding a small glass of white wine to a fish soup helps to bring out the flavour of seafood. Rich meat soups will get more “body” and flavour with the addition of a small glass of red wine.

Cold potatoes

Adding potatoes that have been whizzed in the blender can give your soup extra substance. Either blend them together with the other ingredients to mix it all together, or cut the boiled cold potatoes into small chunks and add them to the pain just before serving.

If you like making soup I highly recommend the recipe book below which we use in our house .. a lot!

It’s got a great section about the different vegetables that are readily available in each season, making it easier at a glance to see what soup will be best suited before you head out to the supermarket for your ingredients.

It’s also got great tips on making various types of stock (chicken, veg, beef etc), preparing your vegetables, herbs and spices as well as a great variety of recipes. It really does have something for everyone, including organic and vegetarian options.

Soup makers

We have moved over to using the Vitamix to make most of our soups as it’s so easy. You simply put in the ingredients (without having to worry about chopping), follow the correct settings and it creates the soup for you in a matter of minutes. No other pans or appliances needed. It really is brilliant.

We bought the Vitamix for a variety of reasons and we love using it as it’s so versatile for so many things. However, if you’re looking for something to just make soup, I recommend the Morphy Richards Soup Maker. We used this before moving over to the Vitamix and it’s great for making soup. It’s got a setting for “smooth” or “chunky” depending on your preference. Check out the details in the link here or click on the image below for further details.

This post contains affiliate links which means I make a small commission if you choose to use the links. However, I only recommend products that I have used and think you will love as much as I do 🙂


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