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Are you looking for a different way to give a standard “box of chocolates” as a present? Then creating this chocolate bouquet will be right up your street! I absolutely love this way of presenting sweets or chocolates. It’s so versatile and you can change the look of it, depending on what sweets and colours you use.

Whether you’re giving the chocolate bouquet for a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s/Valentine’s Day or any other occasion, this is guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

What will you need for your masterpiece?

  • Roll of florist tape
  • A variety of chocolates in wrappers (I used a combination of approximately 30 Lindor chocolate and chocolate hearts together but of course you can chose your favourite)
  • A packet of long wooden skewers
  • A glue gun (a basic hobby glue gun will do)
  • Sheets of tissue paper in your choice of colour
  • Florist cellophane or organza
  • Florist foam
  • A gift bag or box
  • Scissors
  • Something to weight down the box (marbles, small pebbles etc).
create chocolate bouquet, chocolate bouquet, alternative present for chocolate, giving chocolate, give away chocolate

Let’s get started

Start by weighing down the box so it doesn’t topple over when you start adding the “flowers”. I used some old glass pebbles that I no longer use and added them to the bottom of the box. However marbles or basic pebbles from the garden will do the trick just fine.

Add the florist foam to the box on top of the “weights” as this will create the your base for adding the flowers. You will be sticking the skewers into the foam to build up the chocolate bouquet.

create chocolate bouquet, chocolate bouquet, alternative present for chocolate, giving chocolate, give away chocolate

If your chocolates do not have wrappers that can be tied around the skewers, take your glue gun and glue the skewer to the back of the chocolate wrapper. (See the below for how I did this with the heart chocolates.) Simply gently press the skewer down into the warm glue and leave it to cool down for it to set. Repeat this for all the chocolates.

With the Lindor chocolates, I undid one side of the sweet and put the skewer into the wrapper (taking care not to pierce the chocolate – you don’t need the skewer to touch the sweet). Twirl the wrapper around the skewer and take a piece of floral tape to secure the sweet to the skewer. Make sure it’s pretty tight (this is why I use floral tape, it’s very flexible but strong). Repeat this process for all the sweets until all of them are on skewers.

Take a piece of tissue paper and cut it into a square. The size is personal preference but I used a piece of roughly 20 x 20 cm.

Repeat this process for the cellophane or organza. Put both squares on top of each other. Find the centre of the tissue/organza squares and stick the skewer in the middle so that the tissue/organza combination form a “flower” around the chocolate centre. Tie the tissue/organza around the skewer with the floral tape.

Putting the chocolate bouquet together

I didn’t add tissue and organza to all skewers to avoid it getting too hectic. I started off with 10 skewers that had the organza and tissue paper around them and filled up the gaps with the skewers without the tissue/organza. However, you can have a play with the display and see what feels right for you.

Push the skewers into the foam and start to build up the display. Push the skewers into the foam by pushing the skewer itself and not the chocolate as this may fall off. Add more chocolates and tissue/organza combination depending on what effect you want to achieve.

The result!

And there you have it – a lovely chocolate bouquet presentation for any occasion! I’d love to see what you create so don’t forget to upload your creation to your favourite social media platform!

create chocolate bouquet, chocolate bouquet, alternative present for chocolate, giving chocolate, give away chocolate


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