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Did you know that it is estimated that on average we spend about 30 minutes a day looking for lost items?! In one year that’s over a staggering 182 hours of our valuable time wasted! That’s 182 hours that we could have spent with our friends or family. Or doing a hobby we “no longer have time for”. Not to mention the cost of replacing some of these items. (Of course only to find the original the next day!) But the good news is that we’ve all got things to throw out to bring some order back in the chaos that we call life.

We’ve got too much stuff

How much time are you wasting looking for items in your house? The remote, lost socks, keys, your mobile? The truth is that we just love buying stuff. And we love holding on to it, even if we don’t need it. It makes us feel secure in the knowledge that we have it. You know .. “just in case”. It’s one of the reasons we struggle with getting rid of items.

Or the item cost us a small fortune to buy. Even if we now don’t like the item anymore; we feel guilty getting rid of it. After all, we spent our valuable money on it. But the reality is that the more stuff we own that we don’t need, the more we spend valuable time looking for the stuff we do need!

What can we safely throw?

When was the last time you used that “thingamejig” in the kitchen drawer? You can’t even remember what it’s called, let alone what it’s supposed to do. I had a potato masher for years – never used it. However because my mother insisted it was such a helpful tool, I held on to it for ages. You know .. “just in case”.

Do you have lids but no tubs, or tubs with no lids? Yep, me too! Time to find some things to throw out to create more space.

Do you want to declutter but don’t know where to start? And therefore you don’t start at all? Ready to watch another re-run on Netflix instead? (Oh yes, I’ve been there!).

Have a look at the list below and be honest and ruthless with yourself. There’s no need to do the whole list in one go. Print off the list here and you can tick off an item at a time, one room at a time. Just make a start. Trust me, you’ll feel so much better! The box on the photo was me clearing out some of the stuff in our bedroom (nope, I have no idea why the tennis ball and the cutlery was there either). Just imagine the extra space you’ll have if you clear out every room in the house, just by getting rid of these items.

45 items to throw (or recycle) without feeling guilty

  • “Helpful” kitchen items (but that you’ve not used since you bought them)
  • Christmas decorations that you never put up anymore
  • Clothes that no longer fit
  • Ripped clothes
  • Single socks without a buddy
  • Pens that no longer work
  • Coupons that have expired
  • CD’s that you no longer use
  • Films you no longer watch
  • Video games no one ever plays
  • Old non-rechargeable batteries
  • Out of date calendars
  • Fridge magnets
  • Wedding dress
  • Broken jewellery
  • Scarves you no longer wear
  • Old paint
  • Telephone directory
  • Yellow pages
  • Old purses
  • Bags you no longer use
  • Shoes that hurt when you walk in them
  • Cookery books that you never use
  • Cleaning products that are gathering dust
  • Unfinished hobby projects (that you know you’ll never finish)
  • Anything that has a lid but no tub
  • Anything that has a tub, but no lid
  • Stained clothes that you’ll never wear again
  • Fitness machines that you no longer use (and never will again)
  • Old blankets
  • Jars with old screws
  • Chipped crockery
  • Make up that you never use
  • Expired food products
  • Medication past the “use by” date
  • Expired creams and lotions
  • Old magazines
  • Old books (can you Google it? – chances are you’ll never use it!)
  • Old newspapers
  • Games that have pieces missing
  • Old cables
  • Manuals – when was the last time you reached for a manual? Or do you search Youtube for someone to show you how to use the product?
  • Old left over wall paper (that you’ve stuck up in the loft)
  • Free “testers” that you’ve accumulated
  • Old chargers


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