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I absolutely love having houseplants. There is something about having some lush green plants around to transform your living room or bedroom into a peaceful place. Unfortunately I’m not great at looking after them … poor things. I try, but I have to admit it .. I’m a plant killer .. 🙁

Life just gets in the way. Between work and home, kids and chores and before you know it, your lush green gorgeous houseplants looks like this:

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Look familiar?

However, there is a way you can have a lush green jungle in your living room 🙂 There are a few easy maintenance houseplants around to give hope to all fellow plant killers. Ok, they’re not impossible to kill, but even the most forgetful gardener can keep these plants alive!

Plus, I love using the watering orbs to make life easier. They really are great. You can check out the details here. Plus, there’s more on them below.

But first, here are the 10 pretty impossible to kill plants:

Easy Maintenance Houseplants

1) Peace Lily

One of my favourites of the easy maintenance houseplants. In fact, I’ve got one in my office while I’m writing this post. This morning it was looking all sorry for itself. I watered it and now it’s back in all its glory! This little beauty tells you when she needs watering. Her leaves will start to droop. With a little bit of water she’ll be back to thriving in no time. Peace lilies need low light and moderate temperatures (they’re not keen on the cold)

2) Aloe Vera

“Vera” likes warm temperatures and plenty of light, but no direct sunlight. Give her a good soak every couple of weeks but other than that Vera is pretty low maintenance 🙂

How cute is this planter below for an Aloe Vera plant?

Absolutely LOVE this planter from Chikadee Pots at Etsy.

3) Mother in Law’s Tongue / snake plant

These get their strange name because they are so easy to look after. No, I’m only kidding! Allegedly they are called this because of their long, sharp pointed leaves, and the fact that they last so long! These plants are robust and can survive in low lighting (although they like a bit of light) and dry air.

4) Spider plants

Spider plants are easy to look after and popular as potting, or hanging plants. They tolerate most conditions, even outdoors. They love light, but will also do well in shady conditions.

5) Philodendron

A strong plant that does well in darker spots, and that doesn’t need too much water. What more can you ask for? What about the fact that it helps to purify the air? Well, “tick”!
This is a tropical plant that provides immediate greenery in your home. Being a tropical plant, it can grow rather big though so be aware when you’re planning it’s location.

6) Succulents

A collective name for a variety of different plants. These store water in their leaves to allow them to survive periods of draught (like when I forget to water them ..) They look great in a terrarium, or as a little houseplant. (Plant them in a teacup for a quirky touch on your desk). I love the bright colours of these little plant pots. Check out similar ones here

7) Cactus

Cacti are not everyone’s favourite, but there’s no doubt they are easy maintenance. Plant them and leave them to do their thing. You will only have to water them occasionally

Eve if you don’t like cacti, you will have a hard time resisting these brilliant planters from Pricks and Pieces at Etsy. They’ve converted me into loving cacti – definitely going to get some of these, or re-create. Just to add a bit of cheeky and quirky fun!

8) Pothos

These are available in a variety of different types of shades. Ideal for darker rooms as they prefer low lighting. Wonderful for adding some stunning light greenery to a darker corner.

9) ZZ plant

ZZ you wonder? Well, the full name is a very mouthful Zamioculcas zamiifolia. No wonder they call it “ZZ” for short 🙂

Easy maintenance and a love of low lighting make this plant a dream to look after. They do need watering, but not every day and don’t put them in a completely dark room, but low lighting is fine.

10) Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia)

An easy maintenance houseplant to grow with minimal maintenance. Avoid placing it near windows as it does not like draughts. Be careful around pets and children with this plant. It’s best to wear gloves when handling this tropical lush plant as the sap can be a skin irritant.

As I said before, I’m a plant serial killer 🙁 However, I’ve found a way to help me better my ways and keep my green babies alive. These little beauties are a great help. They truly are brilliant and keep plants looking in great condition. They come in a variety of colours, which just adds to adding some colour to your home.

Just fill the globe with water, stick it in the soil and it will gradually release the water for your plants. Just plan to refill the globe when it runs out of water, approximately every fortnight (depending on the temperature in your home). Ideal for holidays or if you love the look of relaxing greenery in your home without the hassle.

I use the globes for my own plants and have no hesitation in recommending these to you through my affiliate link, (which will make me a tiny bit of money at no extra cost to you)


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